14 June 2013

Monster Energy 2013 Wakefest – Hong Kong Open Wakeboard Championships


Dear Members & Friends,


We are pleased to announce that the Monster Energy 2013 Wakefest and Hong Kong Open Wakeboard Championships will be held on July 13-14, 2013 at the Tai Po Waterfront Park.


Please fax or e-mail your completed form to HKWSA at fax #: (852) 3113 0613 or hkwsa@hkolympic.org before the deadline June 28 at 4pm (for local riders); July 03 at 5pm for overseas riders.

Completed forms will go through a random draw on July 04 if the numbers of entries exceed our capacity. (Accept enrolments from members of HKWSA or an overseas entry only.)  Result will be posted on HKWSA website at 5 pm on July 05, 2013.


The Organizer reserves the right to close entries before the deadline without prior notice.


We look forward to seeing your active participation in this important event of the year. Please refer to the HKWSA web site www.waterski.org.hkfor event information and entry form.


Event Details: PDF


Entry Form: PDF


Team Entry Form: PDF



Monster Energy 2013 Wakefest 及香港尾波花式滑水公開賽現正公開接受報名


本年度Wakefest 及香港尾波花式滑水公開賽將於二零一三年七月十三至十四日假大埔海濱公園舉行。


請於報名截止日期前 (本地參賽者:六月二十八日;海外參賽者:七月三日) 將填妥的報名表格連同寫上閣下姓名的銀行存款單據作報名費之用,傳真到香港滑水總會,傳真號碼為 (852) 3113-0613 或電郵到hkwsa@hkolympic.org














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