28 Oct 2016


Dear Riders, Participants, Spectators, Friends & Other parties,


Notice to Riders, Participants & Spectators


Please be reminded that NO smoking, alcohol, dogs/cats (pets) or aerial photography are allowed at the LCSD venue/Sai Kung Chong Hing Water Sports Centre. Violation of the above will result in disqualification from the competition and riders (both individual and team) will not be eligible to receive awards.


Please pay attention and read thoroughly the Hong Kong Regulations Chapter 132 BC PLEASURE GROUNDS REGULATION and CAP 371 Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance beforehand. 



English version: http://www.hklii.hk/eng/hk/legis/reg/132BC/cur.html

132BC 《遊樂場地規例》



CAP 371 Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance

English version: http://www.legislation.gov.hk/blis_pdf.nsf/6799165D2FEE3FA94825755E0033E532/FC20BFF93D75ADCC482575EE00764F46/$FILE/CAP_371_e_b5.pdf

 371    (     )       (   )    



(1) 現指定附表21部所述的區域為禁止吸煙區。 (2006年第21號第5條代替

(2) 任何人不得在禁止吸煙區內吸煙或攜帶燃着的香煙、雪茄或煙斗。

(3) 如任何人看似正在違反第(2)款,則禁止吸煙區的任何管理人或任何由該管理人就此授權的人─

(a) 經表示該人是在違反第(2)款下在禁止吸煙區內吸煙或攜帶燃着的香煙、雪茄或煙斗(視屬 何情況而定)後,可要求該人將燃着的香煙、雪茄或煙斗弄熄;

(b) 如該人沒有將燃着的香煙、雪茄或煙斗弄熄,可要求他─ (i) 提供其姓名及地址,以及出示身分證明文件;及 (ii) 離開禁止吸煙區;

(c) 如該人沒有按根據(b)段提出的要求─

(i) 提供其姓名及地址,以及出示身分證明文件;或

(ii) 離開禁止吸煙區, 可在有需要時使用合理武力將該人逐出禁止吸煙區並將他扣留,並召喚警務人員協助強制 執行本條的規定。

(4) 任何人如根據第(3)款被要求離開禁止吸煙區、被逐出禁止吸煙區或被扣留,均無權獲退還他為 進入有關禁止吸煙區所在的處所或建築物所繳付的入場費或款項。

(5) 為免生疑問,現宣布︰第(1)(1AB)款適用於政府擁有或佔用或由政府管理及掌管的處所。

**公眾遊樂場地 (public pleasure ground) 指《公眾衞生及市政條例》(132)2(1)條所指的公 眾遊樂場地; (2006年第21號第4條增補)



     (     )   》及     

1.        (     )   》,                                               

2.        ,罰  $ 1,500         2 0 0 9  9  1   施。

3.                21                         



(1) The areas described in Part 1 of Schedule 2 are designated as no smoking areas. 

(2) No person shall smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in a no smoking area. 

(3) The manager of a no smoking area or any person authorized in that behalf by any such manager may, in respect of any person who appears to be contravening subsection (2)- 

(a) after indicating that the person is smoking or carrying a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe, as the case may be, in a no smoking area in contravention of subsection (2), require the person to extinguish the lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe; 

(b) where the person fails to extinguish the lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe, require him- (i) to give his name and address and to produce proof of identity; and (ii) to leave the no smoking area; 

(c) where the person fails, as required under paragraph (b)-

(i) to give his name and address and to produce proof of identity; or

(ii) to leave the no smoking area, remove him from the no smoking area by the use of reasonable force if necessary and detain him and call for the assistance of a police officer to assist in the enforcement of this section.

(4) Where a person is, under subsection (3), required to leave a no smoking area, removed from a no smoking area or detained, he shall not be entitled to a refund of any admission fee or money paid by him for entry into the premises or building in which the no smoking area is situated.

(5) For the avoidance of doubt, it is declared that subsections (1) and (1AB) apply to any premises that are owned or occupied by, or under the management and control of, the Government. (Added 21 of 2006 s. 5)




Fixed Penalty (Smoking Offences) Ordinance and its Subsidiary Legislation


1. Under the "Fixed Penalty (Smoking Offences) Ordinance", anyone who smokes or carries a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in statutory no smoking areas or on public transport carriers, will be issued with a $1,500 fixed penalty notice by enforcement officers.


2. The fixed penalty system comes into operation on 1 September 2009.


3. Any person who has been given with the fixed penalty demand notice is required to settle the payment within 21 days or else will face a heavier penalty.


4. Apart from the Tobacco Control Inspectors and the Police, specified officers of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the Housing Department are also empowered to issue fixed penalty notice in public venues under their management.


English: https://www.tco.gov.hk/english/legislation/legislation_sa.html



中文: https://www.tco.gov.hk/tc_chi/legislation/legislation_sa.html




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