Hong Kong Open Water Ski & Wakeboarding Championships, Dec. 99

Wakeboarding Championships Ski Championships
 Men's Advanced
   Champion:             Mr. Leo TO (BS Back roll, BS Relay, 
                                   BS Hoochie, BS Krypt, Indy Brag)
   1st Runners' Up:   Mr. Lawson OLIVER (Front flip, Tantrum, 
                                    BS Back roll, FS front roll,  FS 360 - 2 wake)
   2nd Runners' Up:  Mr. Andrew MEADS (Back roll, Stiffy, 
                                    Roast beef,  Stiffy indy,  Fashion air).
Open Slalom - Men
   Champion:                Mr. Jonathan CANNON

   1st Runners' Up:       Mr. Michael CHOW


   Champion:            Ms. Crystal ZHANG
   1st Runners' Up:    Ms. Wendy TANG
   2nd Runners' Up:  Ms. Jane CHEUNG
Open Slalom - Women
   Champion:                 Ms. Trish BLOMFIELD
Men's Open
   Champion:            Scot CHEUNG (Stiffy Indy, Stiffy, Backscratcher, 
                                    Roast Beef, Air 180 - 2 wake)
   1st Runners' Up:  Jerry TSANG (Shifty, Half Cab 180 - 2 wake, 
                                    HS Air, Indy Brab, Fashion Air)
   2nd Runners' Up: Ah Hang (HS Air 2 wake, TS Air w/ Grab,
                                    Indy Grab, Air 180 Front to Fakie, 
                                    Air 180 Half Cab 1 wake)
Intermediate Slalom - Men
   Champion:                 Mr. Mark SUNG

   1st Runners' Up:         Mr. Andrew ELDON

   Champion:             Scot CHEUNG ( Air 180 Front to Fakie, Fashion 
                                    Air, Roast Beef, TS 2 - wake, HS 2- wake)
   1st Runners' Up:   YUEN On Sum ( Fashion Air, Roast Beef, 
                                      Bunny Hop 180, HS 2 - wake, TS 2 - wake)
   2nd Runners' Up:  Tony KI (BS 2 wake, Bunny Hop 180, 
                                     Air 180 Front to Fakie 1 wake)
Intermediate Slalom  - Women
   Champion:                  Ms. Joanne SHEN

   1st Runners' Up:          Ms. CHEN Bi

Expression Session
   Champion:            Hang ( HS Air2 - wake, TS Air w/ grab, Indy Grab
                                  Air 180 Front to Fakie 2 wake, Air 180 Half Cab)
   1st Runners' Up: Timothy YUEN (Fashion Air, HS Indy Grab, 
                                    Roast Beef)
   2nd Runners' Up: Dicky TSANG (TS Air 2  wake, Bunny Hop 180, Air 180
                                    half Cab, HS Air 2 wake, Air 180 Front to Fakie)
Novice Slalom - Men
   Champion:                  Mr. LIU Yong Sing

   1st Runners' Up:          Mr. CHENG Ho Sang


Novice Slalom - Women
   Champion:                   Ms. Crystal ZHANG